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Keep Exploring

Keep Exploring – Brice Portolano from Mathieu Le Lay on Vimeo. A 3 weeks adventure with the French photographer Brice …Read More

Profile PhotoScott JFeb 29,16

Kauai | The Garden Island

Beautiful aerial footage from Kauai, HI. Such a beyond gorgeous place! All video shot on the DJI Phantom 3 Professional …Read More

Profile PhotoScott JFeb 29,16

Grand Canyon: Blink of Time

Grand Canyon : Blink of Time is a time lapse film featuring the stunning views of the Grand Canyon. Blink …Read More

Profile PhotoScott JFeb 26,16

Best Grand Canyon Guided Trip Adventure

The day you decide the Grand Canyon is going to be your adventure, you have a lot of information to …Read More

Profile PhotoScott JFeb 24,16

Top 3 Michigan Adventure Trips

Normally you wouldn’t think Michigan as a Adventure Travel state, but it is…really.  The state is really divided into two …Read More

Profile PhotoScott JFeb 19,16

Top 5 Adventures in Georgia

We are probably cutting a few adventures short here. In fact, there a lot more amazing adventures in Georgia than 5. …Read More

Profile PhotoScott JFeb 11,16

Another Georgia Outdoor Adventure

What a way to bring in the New Year. In January, we headed down to the Okefenokee Swamp for a …Read More

Profile PhotoScott JFeb 2,16

Atlanta Outdoor Meetup Clubs

We’ve been getting a lot of questions as to why we built our own Atlanta Outdoor Club site and stopped …Read More

Profile PhotoScott JJan 9,16

Thru Hikers Set Record in 2015

According to the ATC’s records as of this December, 1,385 northbound thru-hikers, or those who walk the A.T. from Georgia …Read More

Profile PhotoScott JDec 23,15

The Future of Outdoor Adventure

For most people, thinking of traveling outside their comfort zone is scary. Not to mention costly. It certainly has it’s …Read More

Profile PhotoScott JDec 1,15
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