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Backpacking Rental Gear in Atlanta

We are really excited to announce that we now renting backpacking gear for those who love to get outdoors in …Read More

Profile PhotoScott JOctober 28, 2015

Outdoor Adventures in Georgia

In the State of Georgia, there are plenty of places to explore and create a real outdoor Adventure in. Full …Read More

Profile PhotoScott JOctober 21, 2015

Appalachian Trail Hiker Found

Not to often do you hear about AT Thru-Hikers going missing. But in 2013 Geraldine Largay, the hiker who vanished from …Read More

Profile PhotonocmanusOctober 17, 2015

Appalachian Trail Prep Class

Statistics will say, at least 75-80% of the people who start their thru-hike on the AT, fail to finish. Why? …Read More

Profile PhotonocmanusSeptember 17, 2015

Georgia Outdoor Adventure Travel – Isle Royale

Our trip to Isle Royale National Park was one to remember for a long time. This trip was a blast …Read More

Profile PhotonocmanusSeptember 16, 2015

Should Outdoor Trip Leaders have Certification?

Outdoor programs, clubs, and organizations in Georgia, have proliferated throughout the State in a big way. Their philosophies, types of offerings, …Read More

Profile PhotonocmanusJuly 22, 2015

Advantages of being a Trip Leader

Whether or not you are a Trip Leader, Organizer of an Event, (Certified) Outdoor Instructor, having the responsibility of bringing …Read More

Profile PhotonocmanusJuly 17, 2015

Meetup Increasing Prices

Meetup is raising prices…again. This is the 3rd time in just a few years they have decided to increase prices. This …Read More

Profile PhotonocmanusJuly 14, 2015

Atlanta’s Backpacking Bootcamp

Since we have been in Atlanta Georgia, one of Full Moon Adventures most successful classes as been our Backpacking Bootcamp. …Read More

Profile PhotonocmanusJanuary 27, 2015

Atlanta Based Full Moon Adventures Launches New Web Site

Full Moon Adventures is now more than just a meetup group, they are a real adventure biz. In 2015 they …Read More

Profile PhotonocmanusJanuary 25, 2015
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