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We’ve been getting a lot of questions as to why we built our own Atlanta Outdoor Club site and stopped letting people RSVP on our Atlanta Meetup Page. The answer simply is this:

Currently, there are 34 Atlanta Outdoor Clubs with in a 45 mile radius of Atlanta. If you take the largest Meetup Group (which has over 4,000 members) and take the average participation rate of each of those clubs, (which is under 30% of total membership). That means only 1,200 of the largest group actually participates in one of their activities in the course of the group history. Those 1,200 people are OUTDOOR people, they love the outdoors and what to participate. However, those 1,200 people are also members of the other 34 outdoor meetup groups. Why wouldn’t they? They love the outdoors, being social, and want to meet like minded people. Those stats make it almost impossible for a single outdoor club to have a high membership participation rate.

For example: You have 100 avid outdoor people who join a “Atlanta Outdoor Meetup Group or Club”. 20 of them are Backpackers, 20 of them are Paddlers, 10 of them are Mountain Bikers”, 30 of them are “Day Hikers”, and 20 fall into the category “I want to try it to see if I like it”.  The Organizer for the “Atlanta Outdoor Meetup Group” is a hard and true “Day Hiker”.  So most of the events, trips are day hiking somewhere. (NOTHING wrong with that by the way). So that leaves your Backpackers, Paddlers, and the “I want to try it” with waiting until an event they are into get’s posted. Sucks! You post a Day Hiking Trip, and now you have 30 who love day hiking. There is your 30% participation rate. But wait! There’s more…30 of them are now divided into the 34 other Outdoor Clubs. Sure they sign up, but there is a lot trails out there and a lot of clubs hiking them. On a good day if you get 10 out that 30 on a Day Hike, that is good.

So, why then did we leave? When we post a trip on our Atlanta Meetup Page, we really are only marketing to the 1,200 people that are divided among the 34 outdoor groups. There are 5,490.000 people live in Metro Atlanta. If you take just 1% of that which is 54,900 people and half of those participate in the outdoors, you are marketing to a lot of people who have never heard of  Not to mention, all the people that want to visit the Southeast and go on an outdoor adventure. Where do they go? I can tell you where. Not on

Full Moon Adventures offers a way for 100% of those interested in the outdoors to participate on their own time table whenever they want, with who ever they way. Our Groups make it easy for those who want to lead a trip to do so without weening out the people that are NOT INTERESTED. If you want to go Kayaking, then post a trip in our Kayaking Group. Boom! Done! No fees, no organizer hassles, just post it. Same goes for Day Hiking, or Backpacking. No more waiting for an Organizer to post something you want to go on.

With so many Atlanta Outdoor Meetup Clubs out there, it’s time to take control over your outdoor experience. Meet new friends, post your own trips, and enjoy.

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