Atlanta’s Backpacking Bootcamp

Since we have been in Atlanta Georgia, one of Full Moon Adventures most successful classes as been our Backpacking Bootcamp. For those who have never heard of a Backpacking Bootcamp, it’s pretty simple. We teach you what gear you need to enjoy a night out in the backcoutry. Deep into the Wilderness on the trail you will get to know your gear. Gear: as in Tent, Cooking Stove, and Water Filtration.

There is nothing like going out with others and learning something new together. That’s why our Bootcamp class does so well. It’s a very social event while at the same time and educational experience. But another huge benefit, it’s that it’s always relativity close to Atlanta. We usually go out only 2 hours North into the Mountains so you get a feel of a real experience.

Some major retailers will take you to a State Park and charge a huge amount of money for one night of backpacking. That’s great! But FMA feels we can do a much better job.

So what to expect: We start by shaking down your pack. We see how it fit’s, check the contents, pack it, and make sure you actually are NOT packing the kitchen sink. ¬†After we do all that (with everyone), we set out for a 4 mile trek into the Wilderness. We set up camp and get everyone ready for a night they won’t forget. But before the big campfire, we go through a set of instruction. One of them is, filtering your water. We usually camp right next to a river or creek and everyone learns how to filter water. After that, we teach you how to hang a “Bear Bag”, then “How to Start a Fire”.

On the next day we always go over Leave No Trace Ethics. Really important before you embark on a Solo journey.

Check out our Bootcamp Class and sign up. We have a blast!!!

July 14, 2015

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