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IMG_4065Becoming an Outdoor Instructor can be one of the most exciting things you can ever do. Teaching others the passion you have for the outdoors is such a rewarding experience. Learn how to take the right classes and share your experience with others. 

We offer classes in Wilderness First Aid, Wilderness First Aid Responder...and more.

Full Moon AdventuresOutdoor Instructors Roles vary from trip to trip. However, the most prominant role you will ever play is providing a safe and seure environment for groups that want to learn what it takes to enjoy the Outdoors. You provide instructional techniques to those who want to explore beyond their goals. You will be their guide to some of the most exciting adventures they have ever gone on. 

Get started today and share the love of the outdoors with others. Start your own adventure!!!  

Full Moon Adventure Backpacking ClassesStarting with courses like "Backpacking 101" or "Leave No Trace" offers Instructors a way to give back to their outdoor community and provide a rich experience for those to participate in that class. Start small and gain confidence as Trip Leader. We will train you with everything you need to become an Amazing Trip Leader .

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