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    Are you planning a Thru-Hike on the Appalachian Trail? If the answer is yes, than you have some work to do. This class will focus NOT on the physical, (that’s hard enough) but the mental aspect of it. This 3 night 4 day course is a “hands on” class.

    Statistics will say, at least 75-80% of the people who start their thru-hike on the AT, fail to finish. Why? Most of the time it wasn’t because they got mauled by bears or ran out of money. Instead, it is because they were not realistically prepared for several challenges that are inherent in any long distance journey. Year after year, many hikers who stop prematurely have not adequately prepared themselves mentally and emotionally for the psychological demands of the trail. It is a fact that most hikers have ended their treks because their actual trail experience turned out harder and less enjoyable than they expected. This has caused personal disappointment and frustration (not to mention a loss of time and money) that results from disrupted plans, unfulfilled tasks, and/or deferred dreams.

    This class is a 3 night 4 day class. You will have hands on instruction on the Appalachian Trail itself.

    The first day will be going through Food, and Pack weight. Including professionals going through your pack, weighing it and making recommendations of gear that you will be able to buy right there.

    You will stay in a actual AT Hostel the first night. We will go over the mental aspects of the AT.

    The next 2 nights we will go backpacking and get to know your gear. We will go over Shelter Etiquette and Leave NO Trace Ethics.

    On 4th day we will return to our cars.

    Course Curriculum

    Seven Principals of Leave No Trace 00:01:00
    The 10 Essentials 00:02:00
    The AT Culture
    It's all Mental
    Shelter living
    Trail Magic
    Hitchhiking into Town
    Water Filtration
    Lighten your Load
    Food and Drop Boxes

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    1. This is an awesome class for someone who is thinking about hiking the AT. Good info and give you a hands on approach

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