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Backpacking Bootcamp is your chance to challenge yourself outdoors and learn the techniques of backpackers who have hiked a Long Distance Hike. Backpack on the Appalachian Trail and live your dream!!!

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    Backpacking Bootcamp takes you right out into the Wilderness with complete instruction how on to successfully go on a Solo Backpacking trip outdoors.

    This is a Beginner Bootcamp for those who are new to backpacking, or who have been out of the sport for quite some time. This bootcamp involves an overnight trip approximately two hours from Atlanta. GA. The objective is to help beginners become self sufficient and familiar with the skills and gear required to have a fun and safe backpacking experience. This Beginner Bootcamp will provide the backpacker with an understanding of expectations for intermediate trips.

    This is not only a beginners trip, but a Instructional Class!

    This trip will involve hiking approximately 5 miles on a Saturday and approximately 2 miles on a Sunday. The terrain where we will be backpacking in comprises some rolling hills and can be strenuous at times. The trails may also be wet, slippery, muddy, and rocky. WE WILL BE BACKPACKING ON THE APPALACHIAN TRAIL from the Woody Gap Trail Head

    Keep in mind that backpacking is an intense cardiovascular activity that may involve a variety of potential health and safety risks. While organizers, event hosts, and other trip participants may help to facilitate trip planning and logistics, each trip participant must know his/her own capabilities and is solely responsible for his/her own safety.

    Expectations of participants:

    All participants are responsible for obtaining the essential gear for the trip. This includes a backpack, sleeping bag, tent or shelter, rain gear for you and your backpack, headlamp, food, and water (you should be able to carry two liters). Over-the-ankle hiking boots and a sleeping pad are strongly recommended. NO wearing cotton jeans or tennis shoes. You will also need a water filtration system and a cooking system. We don’t except the “I don’t need a stove” premise.


    Hiking poles and a First Aid kit are highly recommended.

    You will learn the basics of backpacking, including how to hang “Bear Bag”, water filtration, camp fire techniques, Leave No Trace, and the proper way to “ford a river”.

    Additional Information: 1. If you are NOT new to backpacking, you should not be on this trip. Backpacker Bootcamps are primarily geared toward beginners. Contact an Intructor if you have a question concerning your readiness.

    2. Only members may attend. Guest’s are not permitted. If you have a friend that wishes to attend, please have him or her join the group and add themselves to the list.

    3. Minors, or other dependents are not permitted. Dogs are permitted in accordance to our Dog Policy.

    4. We practice Leave No Trace outdoor ethics. and will have a Awareness class during our first day.

    5. Registration fee of $125.00 per person.

    By signing up for this hike you agree you have read and abide by our terms of membership.

    Course Curriculum

    Get to know your Gear
    How to build a Fire with Wet Wood
    How to hang a Bear Bag
    Setting up your camp
    How to Filter Water
    Leave NO Trace
    Cooking Techniques
    How to pack your pack
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