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Full Moon Adventures has collaborated with the best Outdoor Gear Rental companies in the biz. They are an online rental service that delivers premium camping gear directly to your doorstep. They are the premier leaders of the outdoor industry when it comes to making sure you have the right gear for your next Adventure.

FMA takes a lot of people outdoors. We cringe when one of our members can’t go because they just don’t have the gear to make their trip successful. Our Staff always share’s their gear and tries their best to make sure backpacking gear is always available.  In the past, sometimes we just didn’t have enough gear to supply all our members going out on a trip. We do NOW!

We offer three different lengths of rentals to accommodate customers’ wide range of outdoor experiences. At FMA and GetOutfitted, you only ever pay for the rental days you’ll be using the gear, never for the transit time to you and back to us.

When choosing a rental period, please mark the first day you’d like to be using your camping gear – we call it your first Camp Day – so that we can deliver the gear at least one day before. For example, to start camping on a Friday evening, you’ll mark the Friday on the calendar as the first Camp Day and we’ll deliver the gear no later than Thursday afternoon.

This gear is great to use for our Backpacking Bootcamp. Please plan accordingly when signing up for classes.

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Please see our FAQ Page on Gear Rentals if you have any questions.


Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, which means FMA receives a small percentage at no added cost to you. I only recommend products and brands that I love. Thank you for supporting Shoestring Adventures with your gear rental!

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