Georgia Outdoor Wilderness Classes

Georgia Outdoor Wilderness Classes are a lot of fun and very informative. Georgia has some of the most beautiful mountains and trails in the United States. In fact, the Cohutta Wilderness in Northern Georgia encompasses more than 35,000 acres of pure wilderness. But you also have the Appalachian Trail that starts in Georgia, the Benton Mackaye Trail that starts in Georgia, not to mention some of the hardest day hike trails in the Southeast.

For those who love the outdoors and feel a little intimidated when hiking alone, or even spending the night outdoors, there are plenty of wilderness classes out there for you to take. Most classes are one or two day classes that teach you everything from Backpacking 101, Backpacking Bootcamp, Wilderness First Aid, and Back Country Cooking. These type of outdoor classes are always spent with outdoor instruction.

There are currently over 30 outdoor clubs just in the Atlanta Metro Area and  NOT one of them teach anything outdoors. However, *70% of all day hikers get in trouble on the trail and need assistance from either their hiking partner or SAR (Search And Rescue).

It’s important to remember that just taking a short hike in a State Park maybe different than taking a long day hike in the wilderness.

Recently, we talked with a SAR Ranger from the Great Smoky Mountain National Park, he mentioned that most day hikers under estimate just how hard the climbs are and quickly get severe blisters, or get take a side trail that they think is a short cut, only to find themselves lost.

On the other side of outdoor classes. You may have a dream to do a Thru-Hike, or go backpacking on a multi-day adventure. This is where Outdoor Classes really can help. Backpacking Bootcamp offers you to “test” your gear in a safe and very close access to your car. Most people get in trouble with Gear Failure.  Getting to know your gear really can build confidence on the trail. Of course, if you are caring it, you want to make sure you don’t over pack. Another reason why Outdoor Wilderness Backpacking Classes can be helpful.

If you are looking to take a Georgia Outdoor Wilderness Class, then contact us at we can help you find the outdoor class you are looking for. Or we answer any questions you may have.

See you on the trail

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