Meetup Increasing Prices

Meetup is raising prices…again. This is the 3rd time in just a few years they have decided to increase prices. This time, they are re-orgnizing they way all the groups are tiered. However, it may have missed a trick: not consulting the meetup organizers who pay through the nose for the service. There now appears to be something of a revolt going on amongst some organisers, who are vociferously protesting about the changes.

The reaction of annoyed organizers and members has turned into two, count-em, Twitter hashtags: #newmeetup and #meetuporganizersunite.

With WordPress, Joomla and other websites that almost mimic what can do, a lot of Organizer are opting for developed sites and leaving Meetup all together. Yes, it’s more work, but it’ a more private and intimate group and done right, much more effective.

Meetup users are also a little annoyed about the site possibly closing discussion threads discussing the changes and a Facebook page titled “Mark Zuckerberg, help! Please create Meetup event functionality on FB” has been set up.

Now some organizers are now blogging about alternatives and it’s significant that an arts and craft meetup organizer, typical of the average Meetup groups, is thinking of going elsewhere.

The complaints appear to be about the new layout, the design (“truly tacky and cheap looking” says one organizer), the downgrading of photos, and the fact that any meetup member of a group can now organize an event. Normally that would be fine, right? Except it rather removes the point of an lead organizer paying the monthly subscription fee.

A one writes:

“I did everything I was supposed to. I built a successful group that is of benefit to many people, to the community, and represents the Meetup idea well. And, still, it’s been damaged and diminished by forces outside my control.”

Meetup appears to have made more of its ‘sponsors’, which offer 10% off local coupons (a la Foursquare or Groupon), but complainers say these bear little relation to the groups themselves.

July 14, 2015

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