Less is more

less is more

Find creative ways to reduce the number of pots and pans you need. The fewer dishes you need to clean, the smaller the impact caused by your eventual waste water. Besides, everybody hates doing dishes, so this is really a win-win for you and the environment.

We’re strong supporters of the one pot meal. There are lots of recipes that call for you to combine all the ingredients in a single pot and boil. When the meal is ready, the pot becomes your bowl. And when the meal is done, the pot becomes your sink.

For example: Multi use your boiling water. Uncle Ben’s Boil in a Bag. Boil water for a few minutes with your Boil in the Bag cooking. After it’s cooked, you can use your hot water to make a cup of hot Apple Cider with your meal.

Tip: Have you ever used a Freeze Dried Mountain House dinner? We’ll bet you a dollar you threw that bag away after you were done. If you save your bag, you can reuse it for other/cheaper freeze dried dinners. How to cook in the Backcoutry

One pack of Knorr pasta can make 4 separate dinners. But you can’t poor hot water in a Knorr’s bag. Re-use your Mountain House Bag and poor a Knorr’s meal into it. Now you have 4 dinners for a 1.00.  Cooking in the backcountry doesn’t have to be expensive. Knorr foods can be found in almost any grocery store and are usually 10 for $10.00 bucks. You can even mix them with each other.

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