Packing your Food Bag

packing your food

This is really important. REMEMBER: You are going to have to hang your food. Having the right food bag is essential. You can’t hang food from a tree by putting it all in Tupperware. Look at Stuff Sacks to use as a food bag. They usually have a loop that you can tie a rope through or clip a carabiner to.

Once you have your food bag, sort your food out my meal. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Any Zip Lock bags work the best.

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Georgia Outdoor Classes

Recommended Bag Sizes:

4 X 6 or sandwich-size for meals and desserts
3 X 5 or snack-size for sides and snacks
2 X 3 or modified snack-size bags for milk and cheese powders.

Single serving meals fit in 4 X 6 or sandwich-size bags, but if you are packing double portions for two people then quart-size bags work best.

Tip: Glad brand snack-size bags can be cut into two 2 x 3 inch bags for packing milk and cheese powders. Cut the bag in two places two inches from each side. Reseal the cut sides with tape.

Ziploc and Glad brands are good quality bags to pack meals and snacks in. Wal-mart Great Value brand plastic bags are too thin and puncture easily. Dehydrated food may have sharp parts, so using thin plastic bags may cause the outer vacuum seal bag to fail.

Tip: You can poor boiling water in Freezer Bags. They can be used to re-hydrate dehydrated meals.

Make sure you mark your meals on your ziploc bag. You can always re-use your ziplok bags. Don’t throw them away.

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